You've committed to taking the wine & cocktails out of your diet, 
but it seems like everywhere you go people are drinking! 


  • You've been asked to join your colleagues for 'happy hour' and it's nice to be invited, but you know you'll feel anxious and distracted by others drinking while you struggle to stay within your limits.
  • ​You've joined your friends for a celebration and you've successfully declined the first drink offer, but when they ask why you're not drinking you're left feeling vulnerable. You're not sure what to say and you're hoping they won't ask more questions.
  • ​​​​You've attended a family get-together and when you've shared that you're not drinking your family act like there's something wrong with you, make hurtful comments or even get angry.
  • ​​You want to feel comfortable, likeable, entertaining and confident while not drinking around others...and you're worn out from battling against the allure of the relaxation of wine or cocktails.
  •  You're tired of failing to stick to your goals and feeling like garbage the morning after but nothing you've tried has worked and sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel just so you can stop beating yourself up about it!
  • You're stuck trapped between feeling embarrassed or guilty and...risking being thought of as a woman with a problem with alcohol.

If this is you, then you already know what a minefield it can be! 


You're ready to take action but you don't know where to start.

That's what inspired me to create the guide to

Successfully Skip The Wine Or Cocktails 
While Socializing

Hi! I'm Angelina and if you are like many of my clients who were former 'tight rope' drinkers, you too may struggle at social gatherings with the balancing act of trying to drink just enough to relax and feel sociable; but not so much that you might say or do something you wished you hadn't. 

Have you found yourself time and again making promises and chasing a fleeting 'willpower' only to end up drinking more than you had planned and feeling badly the next day. That all changes when you learn how to use the right nutrition to eliminate your desires and even your interest in wine and cocktails. 

Using the strategies and practices I'm sharing with you inside this guide my clients are able to navigate social gatherings in a manner that never leaves them feeling like they are missing out!

Are you ready to stop doubting yourself and show up with unshakable confidence at any social occasion?

  • Confidently decline drink offers without drawing unwanted attention or risking offending others. Includes My 10 Step Process to navigating expectations and change the behaviour of people around you so you feel supported.
  • Discover how to naturally nurture your body and set yourself up for success, INCLUDING My 7 Simple and Sensational Snack Recipes I created for my clients that will support your nervous system (your brain) to keep you feeling relaxed and unwavering in your personal commitment to maintain your abstinence.
  • The exact Scripts My Clients Use that allow them to socialize with ease. You can use these so you'll never be left struggling with what to say or feeling vulnerable.
  • Discover how your decision to not drink affects the choices of others and how you can avoid feeling anxious at social events.
  • I show you how others subtly influence and encourage you to join them in drinking using the ‘mudslide effect’ and the simple steps you can take to not slip and avoid peer pressure.
  • ​Why “normal” drinkers are unable to relate or deeply understand your personal experience, so you can stop trying to explain yourself.
  • ​​​Stop avoiding friends and loved ones with these easy to follow and implement strategies that will allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin INCLUDING 18 zero-proof delightful drink recipes so you never feel like you're missing out!
  • ​​See your situation through a new lens so you can release the negative and limiting beliefs you have about your alcohol consumption and begin authentically enjoying your life!

Say goodbye to awkward moments, uncomfortable conversations, 
and feeling defeated! 

When you follow the steps in this guide you will enjoy socialising with your family and friends comfortably without jeopardising your health goals or finding yourself in uncomfortable situations. 

Never again decline invitations to events where alcohol is served!

The guide is packed with simple and useful tools you can implement in any social gathering. Including strategies that will allow you to feel confident in your decision to not drink throughout the entire event without 'white knuckling' it or ever relying on willpower
Say—goodbye to starting back at 'Day 1' again.
If you're ready to take action and show up at your next social engagement feeling empowered and confident then click the button below, grab your guide and start feeling comfortable in your skin again. 

Instant Access to

Successfully Skip The Wine Or Cocktails
While Socializing



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